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Animations can be an effective tool for educating consumers on products, services, and best practices, leading to better-informed and satisfied customers. Animations can simplify complex topics, visualize abstract concepts, and capture attention, especially when selling guns. Gun store owners regularly use our animations for conventions, in-store displays, and social media. 

AR15 Cycle of Operations

The AR15 cycle of operations is a well-known platform, this video explains how the platform functions during normal operation.

AR15 Malfunctions

The AR15 is subject to common malfunctions including failure to extract, failure to eject and failure to feed. Each video shows and explains these malfunctions and how they are repaired.

AR15 Cartridge Headspace

If the AR15 needs its cartridge headspace checked, this video explains how that check is done.

AR15 Firing Ping Protrusion

If the AR15 needs its firing protrusion checked, this video explains and shows how this check is completed.

Striker Fire Cycle of Operation

Striker-fired platforms differ from hammer-fired weapons, this video explains in detail how the striker-fired platforms works.

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