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FN P90 Accessories

The FN P90 is a popular choice for military and law enforcement agencies around the world. Its compact size, high magazine capacity, and unique design make it a versatile and reliable firearm for tactical operations. However, like any firearm, the FN P90 has its limitations. That’s where accessories come in.

By equipping your FN P90 with the right accessories, you can enhance its capabilities and make it even more effective in the field. In this article, we’ll explore some of the must-have FN P90 accessories that can take your tactical gear to the next level.

Optics: See Your Target Clearly

One of the biggest limitations of the FN P90 is its iron sights. While they are functional, they can be difficult to use in low light or long-range situations. That’s where optics come in.

By adding a red dot sight or holographic sight to your FN P90, you can improve your accuracy and target acquisition speed. These types of sights are designed for close to medium-range shooting and are perfect for the compact size of the FN P90.

For those who prefer a more traditional scope, there are also options available that can be mounted on the FN P90’s top rail. Just be sure to choose a scope with a low profile to maintain the compactness of the firearm.

Rail Attachments: Customize Your Setup

The FN P90 comes with a built-in top rail, but that’s not the only place you can attach accessories. There are also side and bottom rails available for the FN P90, allowing you to customize your setup to fit your needs.

The most common rail attachment for the FN P90 is the Picatinny rail. This type of rail is compatible with a wide range of accessories, including grips, bipods, and laser sights. With a Picatinny rail, you can easily add and remove accessories as needed, making your FN P90 even more versatile.

Mounted Lights: Illuminate Your Target

In tactical situations, having a mounted light on your firearm can be a game-changer. It allows you to quickly and easily illuminate your target, making it easier to identify and engage them.

There are several options for mounted lights on the FN P90, including those that attach to the top rail or the side rails. Some models even come with a pressure switch, allowing you to activate the light without taking your hand off the firearm.

Sling: Keep Your Firearm Close

In tactical situations, it’s important to have your firearm within reach at all times. That’s where a sling comes in. By attaching a sling to your FN P90, you can keep it close to your body while still having your hands free to perform other tasks.

There are several types of slings available for the FN P90, including single-point and two-point slings. Single-point slings attach to the rear of the firearm and allow for quick transitions between shoulders, while two-point slings attach to both the front and rear of the firearm, providing more stability.

Suppressor: Reduce Noise and Muzzle Flash

In certain tactical situations, it may be necessary to reduce the noise and muzzle flash of your firearm. That’s where a suppressor comes in. By attaching a suppressor to your FN P90, you can make it more discreet and less likely to give away your position.

There are several suppressors designed specifically for the FN P90, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance. Just be sure to check your local laws and regulations before purchasing and using a suppressor.


The FN P90 is a reliable and versatile firearm, but it does have its limitations. By equipping it with the right accessories, you can enhance its capabilities and make it even more effective in the field. From optics and rail attachments to mounted lights and suppressors, there are plenty of options available to customize your FN P90 and take your tactical gear to the next level. So why wait? Start exploring your options and see how these must-have FN P90 accessories can improve your performance in the field.

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