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Top 5 Upgrades for Remington 700

The Remington 700 is a popular choice among hunters, precision shooters, and law enforcement agencies. With its reliable bolt action and accuracy, it’s no surprise that many gun enthusiasts choose to upgrade their Remington 700 to enhance its performance. In this article, we’ll discuss the top 5 upgrades for the Remington 700 that will take your rifle to the next level.

Why Upgrade Your Remington 700?

The Remington 700 is a versatile rifle that can be used for hunting, long-range shooting, and tactical applications. However, like any firearm, it can benefit from upgrades to improve its performance and functionality. Upgrading your Remington 700 can also be a fun and rewarding experience for gun enthusiasts.

Increased Accuracy and Precision

One of the main reasons to upgrade your Remington 700 is to improve its accuracy and precision. With the right upgrades, you can achieve tighter groupings and longer range shots, making your rifle more effective for hunting and long-range shooting.

Customization and Personalization

Upgrading your Remington 700 allows you to customize and personalize your rifle to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a more tactical look or want to improve the ergonomics of your rifle, there are plenty of upgrades available to help you achieve your desired look and feel.

Better Functionality and Reliability

By upgrading your Remington 700, you can also improve its functionality and reliability. Upgrades such as a new bolt or trigger can make your rifle smoother and more reliable, reducing the chances of malfunctions or misfires.

Top 5 Upgrades for Remington 700

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of upgrading your Remington 700, let’s dive into the top 5 upgrades that will take your rifle to the next level.

1. Bolt Upgrade

The bolt is a crucial component of any bolt-action rifle, and upgrading it can significantly improve the performance of your Remington 700. The factory bolt on the Remington 700 can be a bit rough and stiff, making it difficult to operate smoothly. Upgrading to a custom bolt, such as the PTG One-Piece Bolt, can make a world of difference in the feel and function of your rifle.

2. Trigger Upgrade

The trigger is another essential component of a rifle, and upgrading it can greatly improve its accuracy and precision. The factory trigger on the Remington 700 is known for being heavy and gritty, which can affect your shooting performance. Upgrading to a custom trigger, such as the Timney Calvin Elite, can provide a smoother and more consistent trigger pull, resulting in better accuracy and precision.

3. Stock Upgrade

The stock of a rifle plays a significant role in its accuracy and ergonomics. The factory stock on the Remington 700 is often made of cheap plastic and can be flimsy and uncomfortable to shoot with. Upgrading to a high-quality stock, such as the Magpul Hunter 700, can improve the overall feel and balance of your rifle, making it more comfortable to shoot and increasing its accuracy.

4. Scope Upgrade

A high-quality scope is essential for any precision rifle, and the Remington 700 is no exception. Upgrading to a better scope can greatly improve your accuracy and allow you to make longer range shots with ease. Look for a scope with a high magnification and a first focal plane reticle for the best results.

5. Muzzle Brake Upgrade

The recoil of a rifle can affect your accuracy and make shooting uncomfortable, especially with larger calibers. Upgrading to a muzzle brake, such as the APA Little Bastard, can significantly reduce recoil and muzzle rise, making your rifle more comfortable to shoot and improving your accuracy.

Other Upgrades to Consider

While the above upgrades are the top 5 for the Remington 700, there are plenty of other upgrades you can consider to further enhance your rifle’s performance. Some other popular upgrades include:

  • Barrel upgrade: A high-quality barrel can improve the accuracy and consistency of your rifle.
  • Chassis upgrade: A chassis system can provide a more stable platform for your rifle and allow for more customization options.
  • Magazine upgrade: Upgrading to a detachable magazine system can make reloading faster and more convenient.
  • Bipod upgrade: A high-quality bipod can provide a stable shooting platform and make long-range shots easier.

Where to Find Custom Parts and Accessories

When it comes to upgrading your Remington 700, there are plenty of options available for custom parts and accessories. You can find these upgrades at your local gun store or online from reputable retailers. Some popular brands for Remington 700 upgrades include Magpul, Timney Triggers, and PTG.


Upgrading your Remington 700 can greatly improve its performance and make it more enjoyable to shoot. Whether you’re looking to increase accuracy, customize your rifle, or improve its functionality, there are plenty of upgrades available to help you achieve your goals. Consider the top 5 upgrades mentioned in this article, and don’t be afraid to explore other options to find the perfect upgrades for your Remington 700. With the right upgrades, your rifle will be ready for any hunting or shooting adventure.

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